"Now I realized you can be satisfied with one woman"


Did you know that Kings in Thailand marry more than one woman so they could have many children. Through this children who are educated in the palace grounds loyalty of the people of Thailand will be maintained in the kingdom. The more children the bigger the possibility that the Kingdom will be preserved.

This is one of the things you have to address in a culture; polygamy. Many asian countries allow men to practice polygamy.

As a woman, I wouldn't want to have a husband who has different wives other than me. Of course, who among us would want that. It would make our self-esteem lower and lower. We all want the man that we marry to be satisfied with one woman (ourselves).

Anna and the King is a very good movie that shows how polygamy affected the lives of the women being trapped in this situation. Tuptim, a woman who was taken away from her love to be married to the king has suffered being in that situation. She could have had a happy family together with the person she loves but then she was forcibly brought to the king as a new wife. She was even tortured to death for escaping from the palace.

On the other hand, Anna, who was the teacher of the king's children fell in love with the king. The king fell in love with her the same way because she had a very good heart for the children and others. The problem is that Anna is a Christian. According to the Bible God has purposed one man for one woman only. Anna believes that marriage is very sacred and should only be between one man and one woman.

With all the romanticism and sweetness of the compliments of the king Anna decided not to continue a romantic relationship with the king and go to England with her son instead. She stood by the principles of God and did not base her decisions by her feelings. It could be hard and hurtful but she did the right thing.

Then and there that the king realized that he could be satisfied even with one woman.

"Now I realized that I can be satisfied with one woman"

Our life is the best exemplary to bring the message of righteousness and satisfaction towards following God's command.

Live a life that would inspire others and make them want to leave pagan practices behind. Be the change you want to see.

Waishama Language is important?

To adopt one’s culture it is always nice to know the basics of their language. If you’ve watched “The Ramen Girl”, you will get an idea why language is important. In that movie you will see how the main character struggled in understanding her Japanese boss’ instructions because she doesn’t understand Japanese language.
Vietnam is a very significant place in our family because it is where my Mom and Dad met each other. My father was a missionary there in 1971. Here are a few basic things that they did to be able to communicate with the people and share the gospel:
1. Because they don’t know the Vietnamese language in the beginning they had to look for interpreters.
2. When they have no more interpreters, they found the teachers who know very little English so they had to speak very slow so the teachers could interpret it to the students.
3. When they found another interpreter from the group of believers, my mom, who was single at that time, found out that there were twisted interpretations.
4. My Mom, who is a linguist, gave my dad and the other missionaries, tapes of Vietnamese language to listen to. The listening helped them be familiar with the sounds of the language.
5. They familiarized themselves with the Vietnamese words in buying food, riding transportations, and asking directions.

Trivia: Vietnamese language is very confusing because one word has different meanings depending on how it was pronounced. For example, bia which means book cover and at the same time with different tone means to invent, fabricate, create, make up. another is bien means to write down, note down, jot down and it also means edge, border, limit, boundary, frontier in a different tone.

In the Bible, we can see the story of the Tower of Babel when God confused the people by giving them different languages. Because when the people could understand each other they thought they could reach God but they were wrong. The language confusion caused them to have a hard time to communicate with each other. The opportunity of the people of Babel to have the same language could have helped them to be able to do good things but they did what is evil. Today, we can turn the plates around by being familiar with another culture’s language and use it as an opportunity to share the gospel to them. Then they will know the good things God has done for them and worship Him.