The unpredictable

How are you? Did you feel that everything wasn't going to work right? Everything around you seems to show that it is not gonna be okay. But did you consider for just one second that there must be someone watching over you. Someone bigger than any body else. Someone you can count on. Someone who will never let everything to fall apart because He will catch you.

I felt that hand holding me together with all the others. "He's got the whole world in His hands".

Whenever I thought of giving up a voice reminds me that there is Hope in God. Whenever I feel like being broken into pieces a voice reminds me that He will take care of me no matter how fragile I am.

God was right. He is always right. Whenever we think of worrying He replaces it with comfort and hope that there will be a brand new day where He has made everything beautiful in its time.

God is my sunshine after the rain. The moment I choose to entrust everything to Him everything worked out the best way. Everything was more than I wish it could be.

"Our God is Greater. Our God is Stronger. God you are higher than any other. Our God is healer. Awesome in Power. Our God. "

"The God I know righteous and holy. the God I know faithful and true. The God I know my heart beats within me. As He is so are we."

Why not hurry in Love

Remember? You woke up late today. Again. You had to rush to the bathroom. You ziplocked your breakfast.
You got your bag then ran to ride the jeep or drive your car. When you were in the jeep you remembered you forgot to bring your notebook for the class you were going to have quiz so you forgot to pay the driver because you already arrived school. You realized when you got to school that you also forgot to bring the project you had worked hard for if not for your sister who didn't have school today you will not be able to pass the project. Your bag is a mess. When you get home everything is out of place. Many times in your life whenever you were in a hurry you forgot at least to do or bring one thing that you planned to. Why? You were in a hurry. Hurry means you get panicked and when you're panicked often times you don't know what to do first.
The same goes with entering relationships. Once you don't take things one step at a time and hurry you skip the most important things to consider in relationships. You get so excited, so enamored by the flattery words, so "in love", and you feel like everythings "right". But then, when you are already there, you realize you forgot to consider the character or you realized you were not ready. You get too occupied thinking how to get out of the hole you got trapped "falling in love" so you forget to listen to the voices of your family members then you realized you've neglected your friends and even your time with God seems to get shortened and shortened. Everything seems to be out of place. Then something inside you says, "is this what true love is?", leaving all the other people and responsibilities behind for one person? You realized, you made the wrong decision; "this couldn't be right" so you break up with your boyfriend/ girlfriend whom you promised you are gonna be with for the rest of your life. You tell yourself, "this should not happen again", I will have to make it right next time. But the next time, you checked your age, you feel you are getting old,...I hope you don't commit the same mistake again being too IN A HURRY. Didn't you learn from it before?
True Love Waits. If God is the center of the relationship then everything will fall in the right place. No hurries.