Dedicated to my team mates and CAmbodian friends

Your Beloved People: Khmer (Cambodians)
By Constance Jane A. Tupe
I was walking down the street thanking You
For what You’ve done displays the great You
I was sitting with my family laughing
For You gave us the joy to stop crying
I was riding happy to be one of Your beloved
For You called me one of Your beloved people
I was lying on my bed full of comfort and love
For you are the giver of our comfort and love
I was crying my frustrations to my friends
For You have changed our plans into something new
I was feeling disappointed every time there’s few
For You have a different answer to our prayers
I was thinking we were the only ones
But there are also people in need of the Only One
I am sorry we haven’t thought they are Your beloved too
When all the while we have thought only of ourselves
We have kept You only to ourselves
Not realizing they are also Your Beloved
Your Beloved People, They are also Your Beloved
Forgive us for keeping You only to ourselves
Our Amazing God We are not too late
You have called us to Your beloved People
Our God we have the chance of our fate
You have brought us to Your Beloved People
We should have thought that they are the Khmer
When we were just satisfied with our lives
Thank You for using us Your Beloved People
We were able to minister to Your Beloved Khmer
You removed selfishness from our hearts
To share You to Your Beloved People
You led us to minister to the Khmer hearts
They too are Your Beloved People
We are Your beloved people and the Khmer too
We are Your beloved people and the Khmer too
Thank You for bringing us to Your beloved people
Thank You for letting us show them You love them

----God inspired me to write this for all of YOu------He is amazing!---missing you all!