Looking back and discovering more about Malaysia

It's funny looking back and seeing my post about Malaysian culture. When I wrote about chivalry culture in Malaysia, refer to (www.foxholejanice.blogspot.com/2010/02/ladies-first-not-in-malaysia.html), I've never been to Malaysia and never thought I'd be going there. I learned about it by reading didn't actually realize I'd learn it in person. True enough you will not see Malaysian men saying "after you" or opening the door for you. But although you would not see those obvious chivalry some of them who I got to interact with are gentle and respectful in their own way. Just by simply giving necessary precautions or driving for us or serving you extra food when you buy. Yes it's not so much but it is something. For me, chivalry doesn't have to be so dramatic; it can be done even in the simplest ways.

As for the other aspects of their culture. Malaysia is divided into three races: Malaysian Indian, Native Malay, and Malaysian Chinese. All three differ in way of lives because of their backgrounds.

So when you buy food you have three choices: Chinese food, Native Malay food, and Indian food.

My experience in a Chinese restaurant is adventurous and wonderful at the same time; it's where I usually eat my lunch with my classmates when I was there for two months training last year. A couple of times I do not understand what I really ordered until I get the food because the owner doesn't understand English so much. There is great adventure in not knowing what you actually ordered and then end up enjoying it. I'm blessed to have Malaysian Chinese friends with me most of the time that ordering food did not have to go into the extremes. On the top of your mind you'd probably think of sweet and sour dishes, noodle soups, or tofu and you are right!

Indian food is so much different and I eat it mostly for dinner since it's close to the place we stayed. Roti and Nan w/ dips, Curry (seeing it already satisfied me, I don't think I ever bought it),  Lamb w/ rice, Tanduri chicken, and fried chicken w/ fries (actually American food). So many other choices but all are displayed everyday so just seeing them is enough.

I didn't really get to eat so much native Malaysian food. But I've tried it a couple of times and you usually eat it with bare hands somewhat like Filipino. Their food is rice with 2 kinds of cooked vegetable side dishes and the meat of choice (mostly spicy). Yummy! The fun is eating it in a banana leaf (so much like Philippines in the province).
More to come my friend as I discover more about Malaysia! I hope you enjoyed.


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