Travel for a reason

Ask me. I feel like I had just unpacked and tried to settle down then I have to pack my bags again. I am a traveler by heart. Traveling inspires me; it opens my mind and heart into a whole new world. So when I was in high school and found out that you can be a flight attendant by profession I wanted to do it. Anything that involves traveling makes my heart beat faster and dream bigger.

Yesterday I found myself reading books with stories of people and their travels. As I read through those books I got myself into thinking. What is the purpose behind their travels? Did they experience temporary joy or is it something that will last. Growing up in the Christian faith and by choice I've always Learned that everything you do must have a lasting purpose. The purpose that goes beyond earth life. One that is eternal. These people may have purposes for their own travel experiences that I do not know. What I need to be sure of is my purpose as a traveler? Is it then just for pleasure which is not bad in itself? No, I travel with a higher purpose in my heart placed by the highest being I live by and live for--God. I believe that He wants to use me wherever I go as an instrument for His glory. Whether be it to make friends by breaking culture barriers; teach children; dance; share His love; discover cultures; or simply "Be still and know that He is God" through my experiences it doesn't matter. As long as I know that wherever I go I have maximized my time there to do what He wanted me to do and oftentimes it might not be what the people around me wants.

Traveling can be for temporal joy or can be for everlasting significance. What do you travel for?


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